SKU: HK-143

Solid Ring & D Ring

Dealers in Hardware, Fasteners, Tools, Caster Wheels and all types of order Supplies. We are based in Dubai, & Sharjah - We are premiere distributors of, Alam-Tech, Zawaina, Tolsen, and other well known brands in this market.

G.I. Solid Ring     SS Solid Ring  
Size Length Price   Size Length Price
4mm 30mm 0.35   6mm 50mm 4.25
5mm 30mm 0.40   6mm 70mm 8.25
5mm 40mm 0.50   5mm 50mm 3.50
6mm 50mm 0.90   8mm 65mm 8.00
6mm 55mm 1.00   SS D Ring  
7mm 50mm 1.20   Size Length Price
8mm 50mm 2.80   5mm 40mm -
8mm 65mm 3.80   6mm 50mm 6.25
9mm 70mm 4.75   8mm 60mm -
10mm 55mm 5.50   GI D Ring  
10mm 80mm 6.00   Size Length Price
12mm 100mm 8.00   5mm 40mm 1.80
16mm 129mm 10.00   6mm 50mm 2.50
6.7mm 60mm 1.10   8mm 60mm 4.00

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